Suture Lift

Happy Lift Or Suture Lift

With age, the skin becomes saggy. The sutured lift is a minimally invasive face and neck rejuvenation method, as they counteract sagging and help the skin to regain its firmness. The sutures are made of polidioxanona that is an absorbable biodegradable biocompatible resistant material used in medicine for over 30 years.


It is a simple procedure, without cuts or scars under local anaesthesia. This technique does not produce a drastic change in the facial features and can be completed with the traditional techniques of medicine and aesthetic surgery.

The advantage of this technique is that it can be done in stages, adding new sutures to make adjustments in areas where saggy appears. The lifting effect is obtained by the tension produced with the suture in the skin and the fibrosis generated in the area, giving strength to the tissue.


Although there is no minimum age, this procedure is suitable for:

– People from 30 years with mild-moderate sagging.
– Refresh a traditional surgical facelift after years.

This technique is not recommended to patients with excessive saggyng, as desired results will not be obtained. To achieve these results a traditional facelift is more appropriate:

Application Areas:
– Raising eyebrows.
– Cheek lifting.
– Jaw area lifting.
– Neck lifting.


Under local anaesthesia, the sutured is inserted through a guide cannula that will strength the desired skin area.

The lifting effect is obtained immediately by the tension the suture produces in the skin, and the fibrosis generated in the area during its gradual absorption, giving firmness and revitalizing tissues.

The procedure usually lasts 45 minutes, and is not painful. You can return to work and normal activity immediately.

It is possible to notice a slight tense feeling in the treated area the day after the procedure.


This treatment provides improvement to the visible signs of aging in the face and neck, giving patients more fulfilment with their new facial image.

This procedure can be combined with other treatments to enhance these results, such as blepharoplasty, peelings, fillers, mesotherapy treatments, growth factors or dynamic wrinkles treatment with botox(® Vistabel).

The results remain approximately 4 to 6 years, after which the treatment can be repeated.