Cellulite And Skin Laxity

Cellulite And Skin Laxity

Cellulite is an excess localized fat that may be accompanied, or not, with weight gain. It occurs as a result of sagging skin and the accumulation of water, fat and toxins.

Through combined treatment with body mesotherapy, Indiba DeepCare ® Therapy and percutaneous collagen induction therapy can achieve a significant improvement, reducing the volume of these areas and tighten the skin.


It is suitable for people who are average or slightly overweight with an accumulation of adipose tissue in localized areas and want to improve their body contouring and firming the skin, improving the appearance of stretch marks and orange peel.
The areas most commonly treated:
• Abdomen and waist.
• Buttocks.
• Hips and Thighs.
There are multiple causes. Among these are enhanced hormonal changes and blood circulation, tissue aging, stress, sedentary lifestyle, posture and genetics.


The treatment is a combination of different techniques to improve and maintain the results.

These are:


This treatment consists of injecting lipolisis (fat destroyers) and venotones (to favour blood circulation) substances in the treatment area.

A series of mesotherapy sessions usually consists of six to twelve sessions.

Initially, the frequency of the sessions is weekly. Then the frequency stretches to every two or three weeks, until the stabilization phase is reached. Afterwards, maintenance sessions are recommended every two or three months.

• INDIBA Deep Care®

Consist of the induction of a hyperthermia (temperature increaser) through local radio waves.

As a result localized blood flow is increased, which acts on the ion exchange and the electrical potential of the cell, increasing biostimulation, to obtain the following effects:

– Improved drainage in the skin and accelerated recovery.
– Mobilisation of local fat and reduction of fatty nodules.
– Improved sagging skin, reducing wrinkles on the neck , face and stimulates body reshaping.

INDIBA Deep Care ® acts producing an antiaging effect being an excellent body reducing/firming in the field of treatments.


This technique is based on mechanical stimulation which represents the microescoriacions produced by a cylinder equipped with small needles.Its benefits are:

– Activation of collagen and elastin which will cause the skin tightening.
– Activation of the lymphatic system, improving toxins elimination that originate in the skin as a result of stress and aging..

Then, through microescoriacions, topical solutions formed by silica, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and vitamins A, C and E can be applied. This way an absorption, penetration and diffusion of these products is up to 200 times bigger compared to their application without mechanical stimulation of the cylinder.


This combination of techniques achieves a significant volume reduction, a thinner and reaffirmed skin while reducing the size of the stretch marks and improvement of the appearance of orange peel.