Facial mesotherapy or biorevitalisation

Facial mesotherapy or biorevitalisation

Biorevitalitzation is a treatment that prevents and counteracts the aging process of the skin, brightening and smoothening face and neck region.


Mesotherapy involves injecting a mix of bio-stimulant medication and vitamins (aminoacids, minerals and hyaluronic acid mainly) which stimulate the synthesis of collagen, hydrate the dermis and restore the natural skin balance.

The most commonly treated areas are the face, neck and hands.


Mesoplasty is a procedure performed on men and women of all ages who want to improve their image. It is indicated in rejuvenation, reaffirmation and prevention of the aging process of the skin:

– Tired, dry skin with lack of tone.
– Irregular pigmentation.
– Fills in medium-term superficial lines and wrinkles.
– Enhances the result after aesthetic treatments such as peels and facelifts.


Using a small needle, bio-stimulant medication and vitamins are injected beneath the surface of the skin, to restore and preserve skin elasticity.

The procedure usually lasts 20 minutes, and is not painful. You can return to work and normal activity immediately.

When can it be done and how long do the effects last?

This treatment can be carried out at any time.

You can have sessions punctually (flash effect or reminder) or three consecutive sessions for a complete revitalitzating treatment.
The effect depends on the skin type and the stress that it receives.

Standard treatment consists of:
– First session: Intense revitalizing (high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid).
– Second session: Is carried out within 15 days.
– A month after the initial session, the results are evaluated, and it is decided whether a new session is needed to enhance the effect.
– Maintenance session: Every 6 to 9 months, depending on the patient’s skin condition and stress which it is subjected to.


This procedure provides visible improvement, giving patients more fulfilment with their new image, obtaining a smooth, compact light skin, from the first session.

This treatment can be combined with other treatments to enhance its results, such as peelings, fillers or Botox (Vistabel ®):

– Mesotherapy + Peeling: flash effect.
– Mesotherapy + Peeling + Botox: flash and rejuvenating effect
– Mesotherapy + Peeling + Botox + Fillers: anti-aging effect

To achieve better results, it is important this treatment is carried out as a preventive way and the product apply before signs of aging are evident. Hence the importance of early diagnosis.