Breast Lifting

Breast Lifting

A breast lift or mastopexy is the aesthetic procedure which lifts the breast while eliminating excess skin, rejuvenating the breast and giving it a more proportional look in relation to the body.


A mastopexy can be performed at any age, but we recommend waiting until breasts are fully developed. A good candidate for an intervention is if breasts meets any of the following characteristics:

• After pregnancy or weight changes over time, the breasts have lost its firmness.
• Her areola and nipple look towards the ground.
• Loss of breast tissue in the upper pole. 

In certain cases, and in the same surgical procedure, it may be associated with another procedure to improve the expected result:

1 . In large breasts:
Excess fat and gland can be removed using the same incisions. Thus, while breasts rise, the volume is reduced.

2. In small breasts:
More volume can be achieved by placing a prosthesis or autologous fat obtained by liposuction from another region using the same incisions lines for the mastopexy.

First Visit

A personal visit is the first step for any woman who is thinking about a breast lift.

Dr. Saez will ask about your general health and what your expectations are.

From an individualized evaluation Dr. Saez will explain the technique and the results that can be achieved by surgery.


The most common technique is explained below. However, there may be slight variations depending on the physical characteristics of each person.

The short scar technique is generally performed: part of the incision circles the areola and the other vertical to the breast groove. In cases of heavy fallen breasts it is accompanied with a minimal transverse incision in the submamary fold. Once the excess skin tissue is removed, the mammary gland and the remaining skin are remodeled to get a conical and rejuvenated breast, then the areola and nipple are repositioned to the desired height.

• The operation usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours.

Post-op care

Although each person’s recovery is different, it is common to follow the next steps:

After the operation the usual stay at the clinic is 24 hours, thereafter the patient can be discharged.

• It is advisable to rest with the chest slightly lifted. You should not manipulate the bandage.

• You must take moderate rest, especially the arms.
• The bandage will be removed after 3 or 4 days, and you will have to wear a special bra.

• You can progressively start to work and return to normal activity.
• The stitches will be removed (although we don’t usually use visible sutures).

• Inflammation will be reduced and you will start to see the final result more defined.
• You can use an everyday bras.
• You can do more vigorous exercises.
• Scars start to blend in with the skins natural tone better over time.


This intervention provides a great improvement in body contouring, giving patients more fulfilment with their new image.

The results achieved are maintained for many years. However, you must remember that your breasts are not immune to the effects of fluctuations in weight or age.

It is advisable to take care of skin by moisturising, and make some physical exercise.