Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss

Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss

The major weight loss that follows after weight reduction surgery in patients with morbid obesity or any substantial amount of weight loss have important aesthetic sequels of sagging tissue, predominantly in the abdominal and waist level, breast and arms and thighs.


The body contouring requires a combination of several plastic surgery techniques. It is recommended deferring body contouring until weight loss has stabilized over a period of two months, coinciding generally 12 to 14 months after weight reduction surgery.

The excess sagging tissue that occurs after major weight loss entails, not only an aesthetic problem, but also a number of physical skin affections, that interferes patients daily life.

A good candidate is one that presents any of the following characteristics:
• Excess sagging tissue (skin and fat) in the waist and abdomen, breast, arms and thighs.
• Skin folds irritation.
• Feeling of discomfort.

First Visit

A personal visit is the first step for any person who is thinking about body contouring surgery after bariatric surgery or massive weight loss.

Dr. Saez will ask about your general health and what your expectations are.

From an individualized evaluation Dr. Saez will explain the technique and the results that can be achieved by surgery.


There are multiple surgical techniques that can be performed alone or in combination depending on each patient requirements.

• Body Lift: A circular incision round the waist that can correct the excess skin and fat tissue sagging in the abdomen, hips and lower back. In the gluteal area, excess skin is excised, and the remaining fat including what is obtained from the abdominal region is reshaped to give more shape.

• Thigh lift: Liposuction combined with excision of excess skin of the thighs. The incision is located in the inguinal folds.

• Arm lift: liposuction combined with excision of excess skin of the arms. The incision is located in the armpit and can extend to the elbow depending on each patient.

• Mastopexy: Breast lift is performed while the excess skin removed. In small breasts, to achieve a greater volume a mammary implant can be used.

Post-op care

Although each person’s recovery is different, it is common to follow the next steps:

After the operation the usual stay at the clinic is 24 to 48 hours, thereafter the patient can be discharged.

• After the operation the usual stay at the clinic is 24 to 48 hours, thereafter the patient can be discharged. 

• You must take moderate rest.
• The bandage will be removed after 3 or 4 days, and you will have to wear a compression garment or special bra.

• Inflammation will gradually decrease.
• The stitches will be removed (although we don’t usually use visible sutures).
• You can progressively start to work and return to normal activity.

• Inflammation will be reduced and you will start to see the final result more defined.
• You can do more vigorous exercises.
• Scars start to blend in with the skins natural tone better over time.
• You can use an everyday bra and stop wearing the compression garment.


These interventions provide a great improvement in body contouring, giving patients more fulfilment with their new image.

The results achieved are maintained for many years. However, you must remember that your body is not immune to the effects of fluctuations in weight or age.

It is advisable to take care of skin by moisturising, and make some physical exercise.