The peeling is a treatment that consist of the application of a chemical substance on the skin to accelerate the normal exfoliation, producing a subsequent regeneration and improvement of its appearance.


In addition to exfoliating the upper layers of the skin, a peelings acts on the deeper layers by stimulating collagen production and promoting the renewal of the dermis cells.

The results are less wrinkles, spots and a more uniform coloured skin, giving the face a more youthful radiant appearance.


Multiple motivation lead men and women of all ages to improve their image. Among them:

– Sun-facial aging (photoaging).
– Facial aging wrinkles (fine lines and deep).
– Spots on the skin or hyperpigmentation.
– Post- acne scars and acne.
– Stretch marks, sagging.
– Melasma.
– Treatment of keratoses and actinic seborrheic.
– Xanthelasma.
– Flat warts.
– Rosacea.


Depending on the substance used and the depth of the skin where it acts, we can talk about superficial, medium, and deep peels.

Superficial peeling
It is a very smooth exfoliation that produces exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin. After its application a slight skin redness may occur. It is indicated in the following cases:

– Fine wrinkles.
– Sunspots.
– Skin tired and opaque with slight signs of photoaging.
– Active acne, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea.

The results are immediate. Spots and fine expression lines are diminished. The skin recovers, appearing strong, resistant and rejuvenated.
The most common agents used are salicylic, Retinoic, Glycolic and Mandelic acid.

Medium Peeling
Causes the renewal of the entire epidermis and stimulate the dermis, strengthening its network of collagen and elastin. This causes a high degree of redness and exfoliation. It is indicated in the following cases:

– Photoaging.
– Moderate wrinkles.
– Extended pigmented sunspots, melasma.
– Scars from acne and chicken pox.

The results obtain are immediate. Improves the quality of the skin, resulting in thinner, smoother homogeneous face. Reduces the depth of wrinkles and lighten spots and scars.

The most common agent used is trichloroacetic acid (TCA).

Deep peeling
Consist of the entire epidermis, superficial and medium dermis exfoliation, following in the regeneration of all the skin layers. The result is a skin completely renovated, with a bright colour, smooth and homogeneous texture. It is indicated for:

– Photoaging.
– Deep wrinkles.
– Stretch marc, sagging.
– Sun spots.
– Acne scars.

The results are observed after 7 days, obtaining a firmer elastic skin, with lifting effect.

After its application an intense redness and exfoliation of the skin appears during 3 to 4 days, Due to this you will be given a post treatment home kit to hydrate and regenerate the skin correctly.

The most commonly agent used is phenol.

When can it be done?
Superficial peels can be carried out at any time of year, but with sunscreen protection.
In the case of medium and deep peelings it is recommended not in summer, because sun exposure can cause skin pigmentation.


This treatment provides a great improvement. The results achieved leave patients more fulfilled with their new rejuvenated image. Skin has more colour uniformity, reduction or disappearance of wrinkles at the same time leaving a lifting effect according to the peeling done.

This procedure can be combined with other treatments to enhance their results, such as fillers, mesotherapy treatments, growth factors or dynamic wrinkles treatment with botox(® Vistabel).