Diet & Comprehensive Control Of Body Weight

Comprehensive Control Of Body Weight Under Medical Supervision

Achieving an ideal body weight is not only an aesthetic problem, it is primarily a health issue. Weight gain and obesity are situations that can negative affects on our body. It has been shown to be related to major diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and high cholesterol, among many others.


Weight gain and obesity requires a personalized evaluation and comprehensive treatment, always under medical supervision.

The aim is to achieve the ideal weight and maintain it through time.

A diet, not only has to be balanced, varied and healthy, but also must be personalised and designed to provide the necessary food and nutrients in the right proportions and quantities.

It is essential to learn to eat healthy, and introduce in a moderate and progressive way physical exercise to our daily habits.

Nutritional Evaluation

A personal visit is the first step for anyone who is thinking about starting a diet.

Dr. Saez will ask about your general health and what your expectations are.

From an individualized physical evaluation (weight and height, body mass index, waist- to-hip ratio, skinfold thickness) and a basic and biochemical analytic (leukocyte count, glycemia, lipid profile and protein).

Based on individualized needs and food preferences, Dr Sáez will personalize a diet that allows you to acquire healthy eating behavioral habits.


We have multiple diets according to the needs of each patient.

Protein diets consists of varying the proportion of nutrients taken regularly. This diminishes the contribution of fats and carbohydrates, which are the two main energy sources, replacing them with protein, essential component of all body structures.

In the absence of sugars and fats, the body will use its own fat reserves to obtain energy. During this process, ketones is produced, which is why it is essential a medical monitoring. This method achieves a weight loss selective adipose tissue, preserving muscle mass. In the second phase, once the ideal calculated weight has been reached, a food reeducation, in which all foods are reintroduced in a balanced diet, allows you to keep the weight through time.

Hypocaloric diets are balanced diets based on the utilization of all food groups, but with a lower intake caloric than usual.

Results are obtained in the medium to long term and require continuous monitoring. Its advantage is a nutriconal reeducation, while at the same time being compatable with the families daily eating habits.

According to the calculated ideal weight to be achieved a diet plan and schedual for personal visits are prepared.

Therapeutic diets are used to improve diseases control, such as diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and cardiovascular diseases, among others.

Diet is adapted to the patient’s pathology and its severity. In mild cases diet is sufficient, while in more severe cases will be an important complement to pharmacological treatment. Success depends on metabolic control and adherence to diet and personalized medical monitoring.

Additional Treatments

• Supplements micronutricionals.
• Body contouring.
• Liposculpture.
• Medical treatment of localized fat.
• Treatment of cellulite and sagging.