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Rhinoplasty - Aesthetic surgery of the nose
Rhinoplasty is the aesthetic procedure which modifies the size, shape and appearance of your nose to make it more harmonious with your facial features.
Also, if you have an obstruction in the nasal airways which difficult breathing, a septoplasty can be carried out to correct the deviation septum or partial resection of the turbinate, which helps to improve nasal respiratory function in the same procedure.
Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures that can be done at any age, but in young people it is recommended to wait until the facial features are fully development (15-16 years in girls and 16-17 in boys).

Rhinoplasty is suitable if you have any of the following conditions:

• The appearance of your nose is disproportionate to your face.
• There is a nasal hump or depression in the dorsum, accentuated in lateral view.
• The nose seems wide in the front view.
• The nasal tip points down.
• The nasal tip is thick.
• The nostrils are too open.
• The nose is crooked or collapsed.
• An accident or trauma has distorted your nose.
• Difficulty in nasal breathing.

Sometimes a chin increase may be necessary to improve the balance of the facial features.