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Breast Reconstruction
Breast reconstruction is the procedure to restore the breast in women who have undergone or must undergo a total or partial mastectomy.
The different techniques for breast reconstruction, as well as medical supplies used in them, have evolved a great deal during the last few years. Although reconstruction can not compensate for the lost of breast perfection, it can recreate a breast similar in shape, size and texture to the non operated breast.
Breast reconstruction can be performed in any patient who has to undergo or have already undergone a total mastectomy (unilateral or bilateral) or partial mastectomy(lumpectomy, quadrantectomy).
The reconstruction can be carried out at the same time as the breast cancer operation (immediate surgery) or later (delayed surgery), approximately one year after treatment start.
This decision is determined by a multidisciplinary team, among them the most import being the oncologist and gynecologist.