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After the intervention you will be given all the necessary instructions to hasten your recovery time, enabling you to return to your everyday activities as soon as possible. You will be given the direct telephone number of Dr. Sáez, available 24 hours a day, should you need to resolve any questions or incidents.
During the postoperative period analgesic measures are used to reduce pain so that you only feel the minimal of discomfort, especially during the first week.
It is advisable to return to your everyday activities as soon as possible. For some interventions, the only limitation you will find would be loading weight and practicing sport activities.
You will have regular follow-up appointments with Dr Sáez until the definitive results are achieved.
At our outpatient’s clinic all the complementary treatments needed are included in the procedures that we perform. After the operation you will be given a postoperative care program, which includes procedures such as massages and the application of healing products, everything carried out by our specialists. These complementary therapies minimize swelling and avoid fibrotic areas which could lead to inflammatory reactions and increased pain.
These procedures include manual lymphatic drainage and treatment with radiofrequency (INDIBA Deep Care ®).