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Breast Lifting
A breast lift or mastopexy is the aesthetic procedure which lifts the breast while eliminating excess skin, rejuvenating the breast and giving it a more proportional look in relation to the body.
A mastopexy can be performed at any age, but we recommend waiting until breasts are fully developed. A good candidate for an intervention is if breasts meets any of the following characteristics:
• After pregnancy or weight changes over time, the breasts have lost its firmness.
• Her areola and nipple look towards the ground.
• Loss of breast tissue in the upper pole.

In certain cases, and in the same surgical procedure, it may be associated with another procedure to improve the expected result:

1 . In large breasts:
Excess fat and gland can be removed using the same incisions. Thus, while breasts rise, the volume is reduced.

2. In small breasts:
More volume can be achieved by placing a prosthesis or autologous fat obtained by liposuction from another region using the same incisions lines for the mastopexy.