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Augmentation mammoplasty
The breast augmentation, also called augmentation mammoplasty, is the aesthetic procedure that through implants can increase the size of the breasts and give them a more natural and proportional shape to the patient 's body.

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Multiple motivations lead a woman to consider a breast augmentation surgery to improve their image.
Among them can be enhancement:
- Women who are not completely satisfied with the size of their breasts due to the insufficient development of these (agenesia/ breast hypoplasia).
- Resolve an asymmetry.
- Recover breast volume and form after pregnancy, weight loss or from the passage of time.

Several factors have to be considered before an augmentation mammoplasty:
• In young women, it is essential to ensure that breasts are fully development.
• It should be clear what the motivations are and what expectations that lead a woman to want a breast augmentation.
• The procedure can achieve a great improvement, but it is important to remembered that every body is unique and the results will be different in each case.