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Augmentation Gluteoplastia
The Buttocks play an important role in the female silhouette. The prominence of the buttocks and the sinuosity created between the waist and hips are the main feature of female contour.
The female silhouette is based on curves lines, balanced with rounded volumes. In other words, the waist and hips are proportional and buttocks are prominent.
Adding shape and definition to the buttocks or elevation of the buttocks when the tissues have lost their consistency, is a frequent procedure that allows the enhancement of the body contour.
Buttock augmentation is indicated for women and men who want to improve their body contour.

Among them can be enhancement:
- Flaccidity in the thigh.
- People who are not completely satisfied with the size/form of their buttocks.
- Recover buttocks volume and form after weight loss, from the passage of time or pregnancy.