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Breast Augmentation With Fat
The breast augmentation with fat, also known as augmentation mammoplasty with autologous fat, is the aesthetic procedure that, by cells obtained from the patient's own fat from other areas of the body, can increase the size of the breasts and give them a more natural and proportional shape to the patient's body.
Multiple motivations lead a woman to consider a breast augmentation surgery to improve their image.
Among them can be enhancement:
- Women are who are not completely satisfied with the size of their breasts due to the insufficient development of these ( agenesia / hypoplasia breast ).
- Resolve an asymmetry.

The breast augmentation with autologous fat has certain differences with the breast augmentation with implants.
- Provides an overall aesthetic improvement thanks to the body contouring liposculpture in the region where the fat is extracted to be used for breast augmentation.
- It does not allow large increases in volume in a single procedure.Fat cells (adipocytes) need good vascularization for their viability. Excessive volume lead to a more precarious vascularization of the upper layers, and therefore the loss of these cells. For large gains, the procedure is necessary to be done in several sessions.
- There is no incompatibility or rejection as the patient's own tissue is used.
- The Lipostructure with fat has no effect on breast cancer or interfere with diagnostic tests such as mammograms.
- The recovery time is less.