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Breast Asymmetry
The term 'asymmetric breasts' refers to breasts that differ in size at least one cup size, that begins to become visible during puberty, when breast tissue initiates its development. Subsequently, over the years, the asymmetry may become more obvious, and the difference so pronounced that affects body image and diminished self-esteem. In addition to breast asymmetries that are a result of alterations in breast development, it may also appear in adulthood after pregnancy, an accident or breast cancer surgery.
A slight breast asymmetry is considered normal. Most women present minimal breasts differences in size and shape.
Multiple motivations lead a woman to consider a breast symmetrization surgery to improve their image.
Among them can be enhancement:
• Women who are not comfortable with the different size (anisomastia) of their breasts.
• Resolve an asymmetry that involves physical or psychological problems.
• Recover breast symmetry after pregnancy, weight loss or disease.